Success Stories

“Coach Hart’s techniques are top-notch, and he’s very motivational as well. He pushes athletes to their potential. Not only does he coach amazingly, but he also explains the practical reasons behind certain plays so athletes can understand and run those plays better while on the court. Coach also suggests pointers for each individual, so he’s able to recommend drills to practice that are tailored specifically towards the athlete’s weaknesses, instead of common, everyday drills that coaches would normally ask you to practice.” -Keith P.

“Bill is a great coach. His interactions with my son are great. He does a great job with diagnosing problem areas and making helpful suggestions on how to fix them. We started noticing change immediately after a couple of sessions. My son’s level of confidence improved. Bill’s practices are intense – he doesn’t waste any time. But his personality is very well suited for what he does.” – Sukru S.

“Coach Bill has been fantastic with our son. He creates a professional, fun environment that engages our son and keeps him focused throughout the session. Since working with Coach Bill, our son enjoys basketball even more, while developing the skills needed to realize his full potential.” -Karen P.

“Coach Bill possesses every quality you would want in a great coach.” -Sanjay L.